Addis Ababa Education Bureau Addis Ababa Education Bureau
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Addis Ababa School Bureau


  • Build effective educational system and competitive world class educational institution in Addis Ababa city by 2012 E.C and produce citizens who play key role in realizing democracy good government and development.


  • Mobilize and enable the entire community to lead education with sense of ownership, provide technical and professional support to partners, ensure equitable quality education with concerned effort of stoke holder, develop curriculum that meets notional and international standards relevant to city context and delver it with appropriate technology through convenient provision materials.


  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • We are enthusiastic to change
  • We lead with knowledge and convection
  • We provide quality service
  • Quality education is our service
  • We provide citizens endowed with proper ethics
  • Research and investigation is our focus
  • Team work is the way to success
Addis Ababa Education Bureau Addis Ababa Education Bureau
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Address: - A.A sub city Gulele woreda 2
Phone Number : 0111226448
Fax No : 0111223888
P.O.X 744
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